Monday, June 13, 2016

maker/mother: Maryanne Moodie

Well hello! It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. For awhile now I've been searching to find the right kind of post to begin anew. After my son Dylan was born last July I realized that I had changed in other ways than I had expected. I knew motherhood would change my life (duh). But, the kinds of information and images I was drawn to had also evolved. I was drawn more to the work (and lives) of other mothers with businesses. Cradling and nursing him in the wee hours of the morning I would stare into my phone in the darkness, wondering who else was awake, how often their babes woke in the night, whether they laid in a bassinet or on their chest as Dylan laid on mine.

When I started working again I wondered how other business owners negotiated this twisted dance. When did they return to work? Where were their children while they worked? And then it occurred to me, I could ask them.

I'm happy to say that my first maker/mother interview is with Maryanne Moodie, the vibrant Aussie fiber goddess. A mother of two, she is one of my top inspirational mothers, and her youngest son Rudi is only a few months older than Dylan.

My goal in this series is to provide a glimpse into a part of their lives that is not always as public, but which provides the foundation for everything- their families.

Read the first interview after the jump...

Maker/Mother 1
Maryanne Moodie, Brooklyn, NY

How old are your children? Murray is 3.5 and Rudi is 12 months

How old is your business? About 4 years. 

Do you work on it full time or part time and what does that look like for you? I work part time. I go into my studio 3 mornings a week from 9-2pm.  Then I also weave at home and take care of emails. 

When you started your business were you already a mother or were they born after your business was established? How was the transition to mother -and- business owner? I was pregnant when I started weaving. I never really looked at it as being a business.  It just grew organically as much as I allowed it and had energy to put in. 

If you took time off after your child was born how soon afterwards did you go back to work? I started weaving after about 3 weeks and I was back in the studio regularly (with babe) after about 3 months. 

Do you take care of your children full time or do you use childcare/school? Murray has school 2 days a week, and we have a babysitter 3 mornings a week from 9-2. 

How do you find being both a mother and a creative? Do you feel balanced (what does balanced mean to you)? I feel totally creative.  I feel like I have a lot of freedom compared with someone who travels on the subway every morning at 8am, works in a windowless office, eats at the same cafe and 5 days a week, there is no real change.  I never know what each day holds, but I have the ability to make the call about how much energy and time I put into any part of my life each day.  I think that is balance for me. 

What is your ideal working environment and time management strategy? I think I have it - Part time in the studio, part time at home, every afternoon doing something cool with my little guys. Weekends - no work! I do have an amazing group of ladies who work for my in the studio so that I don't have to do financial stuff, admin or repetitive stuff like balling yarn anymore.  Now I just teach and weave.  It's a sweet life! 

What time of the day or time of week is best for you to work? I work best in the mornings. 

If I could give you two extra hours in your day what would you use them for? Exercise! Running, walking, yoga.  And a Massage! They are the things that fall to the wayside.  I run around a lot after my little dudes and walk 40mins to and from work and listen to music, but i really want to spend more time doing intentional exercise. 

What is your favorite memory of motherhood to date? Seeing how much my #1 fell in love HARD for my #2.  They really are best of friends.
Thanks so much for answering all my questions Maryanne! Check in for the next maker/mother interview next month!


  1. Love this! Such a good idea for a series, I look forward to more posts!

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