I am happy to make customized or modified works.  If you want to make a small change to a piece you've seen on my site, or if you have your own idea that you would like to realize in stained glass (either in two or three dimensions) I would love to work with you one-on-one to make the image in your head a reality.  

Collaborations are the most rewarding for me as an artist.  I have a great passion in producing my own work, but collaborations provide a new challenge for me, broadening my aesthetic horizons and allowing me to have real relationships with my customers. 

If you would like to talk about commissioning a work or already have an idea, please contact me here or in my Etsy shop.

Recent Commissions

Moravian Star Tree Topper
External Window Pane Repair
Blue Cube Lamp
"Om" Octahedron Sculpture

Octahedron No.12, yellow and pink           "Lovely Other Dinosaur" Octahedron

pyramid box with front hinge
Dodecahedron Pendant Lamp

Hinged Dodecahedron Necklace

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